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5 Pound Bag

Provides a fat and mineral profile for all classes of horses. Helps improve overall hoof, skin and coat quality, plus provides additional calories to assist in weight gain or maintenance during exercise.

Each scoop contains min 9,930 mg crude fat, min 215 mg zinc, min 1.25 mg biotin and min 210 mg methionine.

Directions: Can be fed with fortified or unfortified grains. Fortified grains contain added vitamins and minerals and require a lower feeding rate of this supplement. Maintenance - 1 oz daily per 1,000 lbs body weight; Preparation for show or sale - 2 oz daily per 1,000 lbs body weight; Performance - 3 oz daily per 1,000 lbs body weight. Consult an equine nutritionist or dac® if feeding this product with fortified grain. Scoop included.