DAC Detoxifying Shampoo
DAC Detoxifying Shampoo

DAC Detoxifying Shampoo

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Prevents, improves and soothes skin problems associated with bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi and viruses. Conditions skin while lifting stains and soils.

Contains 3 essential oils with potent activity against organisms that cause ringworm and rain rot. Aloe vera, emu oil and tea tree oil contain effective chemical components that reduce inflammation at an immunological level. Sage, eucalyptus and tea tree oils can alleviate effects of insect pests. Boswellia extract and MCT oil facilitate cell growth on a molecular level and act as a natural healing agent.

Gentle pH balanced formula. Safe to use on cuts, tears and abrasions.

Antimicrobial Action:
Improves dermatological conditions through 4 targets.

Aloe vera: Contains high concentrations of a chemical called Acemannan which decreases production of inflammatory molecules.
Emu oil: Scientific studies have shown an average of 70% decrease in inflammation of edema-induced mice.
Tea tree oil: 0.1% suppresses inflammation factors by 50%.

The effects of insect pests can be alleviated by the sage, eucalyptus and tea tree oils used in dac Medicated Shampoo.
Sage oil: 0.02% solution yields 100% mosquito larvae mortality; also helps to prevent oviposition.
Tea tree oil: Volatile compounds interfere with neurological systems of mosquitoes and flies.

Directions: Apply to wet animal; massage into a lather; rinse. Repeat as needed. Avoid contact with eyes.