Tiger Stripe Protective Boot

Tiger Stripe Protective Boot

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Legacy Features:

- Perforated allows body heat to escape and breathe.

- 100% virgin neoprene provides 4 way stretch for ultimate flexibility

- Soft lycra inner layer cleans easy and dries quick

- Shock-absorbing splint pad guards against crossfire and other scalping injuries

- bound edges help keep out dirt and debris

- Suspensory rib insures proper boot alignment

- Patented fetlock cradle system provides maximum fetlock support 

- Tough elastic exterior fabric insures a close comfortable fit

- hook and loop closure provides exceptional grip and durability



- front: measure the diameter of the leg at the cannon bone midway between the knee and the fetlock

-hind: legacy boots are designed to fit the bone structure of the hind legs in direct relation to the front legs. If your horse measures a medium in the front boot he will also need a medium in a hind boot.


Measurement Chart

Small- 7 1/4" - 7 3/4" - Fine boned or under 900 lbs

Medium - 7 3/4" - 8 1/4" - Boned or 900-1100 lbs

Large - 8 1/4" - 8 3/4" - Big Boned or over 1100 lbs

XL- 8 3/4" - 9 1/4"